About Tantra

„All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to achieve them.“

– Walt Disney –

Welcome to an oasis of peace and relaxation.
In our unique salon you will find a perfect space to connect mind and body so that you can feel your inner balance. Indulge in the beneficial effects of our traditional, tantric programs, which relax under mental and physical tension. They remove stress and bring immediate relaxation. Upon entering our tantric studio, you will find yourself amidst the beautiful scents of essential oils and in the companionship of professional masseuses. Thanks to this, you will experience the maximum experience and use your free time pleasantly and efficiently. Our massages have a calming effect at all times and will bring you total relaxation, thus helping to improve your immune system.

Our rules

  • it is necessary to order at least one hour in advance,
  • it is always paid in advance in cash or by card,
  • we do not provide any sexual services,
  • our offer is tantric, full body massages,
  • customers under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are prohibited from entering,
  • customers with communicable skin diseases will not be served.

How your visit goes

  1. choice of your tantric masseuse, program and length of massage
  2. for some programs, you will be offered a bottle of wine or sparkling wine on arrival
  3. water, coffee or tea will be offered to you with each program
  4. part of all programs is the Namaste ritual, by which people in India show a homage to each other
  5. strict bilateral hygiene is required, so it is necessary to take a shower with us before each massage. We have an Indian sarong / scarf ready for you, to temporarily cover your intimate parts, as well as all other hygienic needs.
  6. there is a room for re-showering after the massage, as the massages are performed with essential oils
  7. when you leave, you receive a little something as a thank you for your visit. We will be happy if you write us a comment on your visit in the form of a review. We care about every opinion.